Omnitrope 30iu HGH artridge


Omnitrope 30iu cartridge HGH

Manufacturer: Sandoz (Austria)

Issue form: Liquid Human Growth Hormone, Cartridge 30IU

Omnitrope can rightly be called an example of the quality of products of the Austrian company Sandoz. The product is recognized by the world, having passed many tests and analyzes, as there is relevant documentation.

This recombinant GH analogous to human growth hormone, represented by a chain of consecutively joined amino acids, Omnitrope has an anabolic effect on the human body. For the introduction of the drug, you need to use a special pen-injector or insulin syringes.

Omnitrope one of the best growth hormone in liquid form, ready for use, for the growth of muscle mass. Can only be bought in pharmacies, has no fakes.

The effective dosage of HGH Omnitrope for bodybuilding is at least 2-4 IU. If you take it for the first time, it will be enough to consume 4-6 IU of HGH, to gain only clean mass. Then, during next cycles, you can take up to 10 IU/day because growth hormone shows a linear increase in efficacy with dosage.

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Benefits of Omnitrope 30iu HGH

• Increased Muscle Strength
• Better Fracture Healing
• Enhanced Weight Loss
• Stronger Bones
• Reduced Cardiovascular Disease Risk
• Improvement in Erectile Dysfunction
• Decreased Obesity
• Better Mood and Cognitive Function
• Better Sleep

Omnitrope is produced for different countries, such as: Spain, Denmark, Russia, Poland, UAE, Ukraine and others.


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